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by John Sikes

Medical providers dedicate their lives and careers helping the sick. For me, as an anesthesia provider, my daily work schedules are very unpredictable. While the majority of anesthesia groups cover multiple facilities in diverse settings that require different levels of service, every group has one person who in charge of making sure every shift is covered.  Our group has a point person for this as well, however, the majority of our staff scheduling decisions are automated.

Schedules are vitally important to the success of any anesthesia group and equally important to the clinicians working them. As a clinician myself, I value three things regarding our staff scheduling process:

By automating the schedule, I know my call schedule a year in advance.

This makes it easy to plan for the whole year ahead. I value time off with my wife and kids, and the fact that I can plan not only for vacations, but important school functions, social events, etc., is very important to me.

If conflicts do arise, I have an easy way getting my shifts covered.

I appreciate the fact that I have control of my own requests for coverage rather than having to go through a scheduling person. I can reach out to all of our staff to see if I can trade or simply give up a shift. Typically, I get response within thirty minutes.

I have peace of mind knowing our scheduling is fair because it’s an automated process performing the task—not an individual.

Nobody likes to feel that they are getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to scheduling. However, many providers feel this way much more than they let their superiors know about. In the end, animosity can build, which rarely ever ends well.

If you are interested in enjoying the perks of an automated schedule, complete the form below and see a demo of TREOSE today. The application is not only capable of performing these functions, but many more, including a host of benefits for administrators such location-enabled clock punches and automatic payroll administration.

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