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How Much Does a Staff Scheduling System Cost?

by John Sikes  |  November 14, 2017

Over the past ten years, there has been an overarching trend of consolidation in the healthcare field. Management groups have expanded their footprints through mergers and acquisitions, and as medical specialty groups continue to grow, their daily scheduling demands and call scheduling challenges become very complex.

Fortunately, there are a dozen or so software applications currently on the market that are designed to solve this problem. Keep in mind that basic staffing software systems will not meet the needs of many medical specialties, considering that most groups with a minimum of 10-15 providers have complicated schedules. If your group covers multiple sites with both physicians and mid-level providers, your needs are complex and require a robust scheduling solution. Look for applications that include features like an automated scheduling function, trade boards, and real-time notification alerts via text messaging or email. It may also be important for you to use a scheduling solution that will accommodate for first and second-off privileges, vacation requests, and location-enabled clock-in and clock-out punches from smartphones for payroll administration.

Another important consideration is whether your staffing application choice is compliant. These robust features sound phenomenal until your compliance is sacrificed. The application should offer integrated secure messaging for HIPAA compliant communications, and it should offer secure third-party cloud storage.

You may be thinking that all of these features sound great, but can you afford them?  The price range does vary quite a bit.  If you’re treose-iphone-6outfitting an average 20-provider group, some applications are as low as $300 per year for the entire group, and some charge a $7,500 set-up fee with monthly fees of $45 per provider.  Of course, you can find every price in between, as well. Remember, the right application can eliminate hours of work and endless headaches—and even provide data reports that will help you better understand and financially optimize your practice.

We hope this article is helpful to your pursuit of the perfect staffing application for your group. If you are interested in seeing a live demonstration of TREOSE, or would like a custom quote for your group, please complete the form below. TREOSE is a one-stop solution for workforce management, scheduling, electronic document and case tracking, and revenue management. Our mission is to partner with our customers to make the healthcare environment a better place for providers.

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